Nutritional Guide for Cat Owners (available soon)


Sometimes it is hard for us, as feline owners, to know what the right food is to feed our cats. It can be mind-boggling and frustrating, if not somewhat overwhelming, when faced with social media forums, groups and pages as well as veterinarians and well-meaning friends all saying you must feed this way or that way. But what really is the right way? Many food manufacturing companies believe their food to be the best, but are they really? How do you know? To add to the confusion often many veterinarians may recommend just one particular brand of food and may not welcome diets like raw feeding or fresh feeding.  But why are alternative diets on the increase when so many people believe a raw species appropriate diet is the only way forward?  No wonder we are confused as cat owners. How do you decide what is right for your cat, your lifestyle and your budget? The question you need to be able to answer with confidence is, are you providing everything your pet needs for a long, healthy, active life as a true carnivore. This is where independent nutritional advice can be vital to help owners understand the many different kinds of nutritional options available to them.

What are the facts, and the known science behind what we should be feeding our pets? Our guides are written in ways that are more understandable, rather than with complicated jargon and terminology. In turn this is where we can help you understand all the options and give you the key fundamental explanations and nutritional facts so that you can make up your own mind. At the end of the day you’re the one that is responsible for your pet’s nutrition so it should be your choice, your decision and what is right for your pet family.

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Our jargon busting guide provides the key information on feline nutritional needs; what they are genetically designed to eat.  The guide will help you to understand the various diets available and how to understand nutritional values. We take you through a selection of commonly chosen kibble diets, wet meat diets, fresh diets, raw biologically appropriate diets, homemade diets and many more. By simply understanding the different ways all these foods are manufactured and the processing of the ingredients involved, you can have more confidence in your choice of diet. We provide a glossary of terms often used on pet food packaging and unpack the true meanings. We also look at common causes of allergies within foods to help you to be able to identify these, should you incur a future problem or wish to eliminate them. Our guide is full of hints and tips of ways to help you keep your pet in top-class condition. We also look at how treats can influence your cat’s nutritional health. The guide includes a selection of home made recipes you can make for your pet.

The guide is available in a digital flip book format.

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