Dog (Canine) Nutrition

Patterdale Terrier 15yrs old

It is very difficult to choose the right diet for your puppy or dog, when there is such a mind boggling selection on the market. A balanced diet plays a huge part in maintaining your pets health and vitality.

The right food makes a big difference. We are what we eat, and this is the same for our pets.

Many basic health issues in our dogs can be the effect of a poor diet, or wrong diet for your pet. 
Skin conditions
Poor mobility
Itchy Skin
Coat conditions
Smelly doggie coats
Room clearing wind
Loose stools
Ear problems
Teeth & dental hygiene & bad breath
Tear stains
Over weight or too thin
Poor immune system
Poor digestive system
Stress & excitability
Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Spaniel