The SWAN centre offers a range of consultations and ongoing support. You can access our service from anywhere in the UK. Currently due to COVID-19 we are offering online or telephone consultations. You will be asked to complete a detailed dietary assessment and veterinary history of your pet before we hold the consultation. The more information you supply prior to your consultation, the better, this ensures we are providing you with the most accurate dietary recommendations.

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More general information guides on a variety of nutritional subjects are available to purchase in our shop, however, if you are seeking bespoke nutritional advice for your pet, you can book a consultation with us.

Consultation fees for pets with no health concerns or dietary restrictions are £79. We will contact you and ask you your preferred method to complete a pre-assessment pet history, prior to your 20-30 minute 1-1 consultation with Sammie. From this, we will produce a detailed written report of dietary recommendations, suggested changes, hints, tips and guidance. Our goal is to work together to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing through nutrition. Should you need it, follow up appointments are available from £35.

For pets with health concerns and/or dietary restrictions, consultations will be from £99 and will follow the same format as above, but with the added reassurance that your pet’s conditions and dietary restrictions will be built in to your bespoke diet plan. We may request copies of your pet’s veterinary history to assist us with formulation of your plan

To book a consultation, email us on and we will help guide you through the process.

We would like to reassure you, that despite Covid-19, just like a face to face consultation, we give the same time, care and compassion to every pet.

Case study – Missy – Tibetan Spaniel

11yr old Missy presented with a history of intermittent lameness and signs of discomfort and pain in her right hind leg. Following veterinary treatment in which Missy was prescribed a course of painkillers and rest, no improvement was shown and additional symptoms arose of diarrhoea, intestinal discomfort and reduced appetite. Missy underwent further veterinary investigation which showed a ruptured cruciate ligament and surgery was recommended. However, due to Missy’s heart murmur, surgery was not a viable option. This left the owner at a loss as to how to proceed. Via a friend’s referral, the owner contacted Sammie. After a consultation Sammie recommended a change in Missy’s diet, for a more natural, unprocessed one with the addition of a range of supplements which are proven to aid digestion, increase appetite and mobility problems. Within a few days the owner reported Missy’s digestion had improved and there was no more loose stools. Her appetite was back where it had been previously and she seemed much happier in herself. A further update eight weeks after the initial consultation with Sammie, and following the recommended diet plan, Missy had improved greatly in all areas and was able to run around the garden without any symptoms of lameness or pain. At the three month follow up appointment, Missy had continued to show improvements and her owner was delighted at the change in Missy. We are now 12 months on and Missy is living life to the full, enjoying her diet and has full exercise daily.

Missy playing in her garden

Owner Testimonial – Jasper – 6 yr old Cocker Spaniel

Since moving Jasper onto Sammie’s recommended diet a few years ago, he has been much more interested in eating. He would hardly eat his previous food and I would throw much of it away. Now, he waits by his bowl at meal times and never leaves any food now. He also used to have episodes where he would be sick in the mornings (I’m sure this was down to being hungry) but this no longer happens. Redpaw leaves him fuller for longer I think.

Jasper at the seaside