The SWAN centre furnishes pet owners with scientific, evidence-based information and guidance about the impacts of food and nutrition on their pets’ health and well-being.

We are passionate about providing pet owners with the best knowledge available, for you to be able to understand the huge array of pet diets and food supplements on the market.  Even if your pet is healthy or requires a specific diet, we can help you with formulating a personalised complete and balanced diet plan for your pet.

We understand through research, that nutrition is fundamentally key to overall health and well being in us and our pets. Diets can be tailored exactly to your pet’s individual requirements & food preferences. A personalised diet gives you complete control over the ingredients that you feed your pet; they rely on us entirely for all their nutritional needs, and one size does not fit all!

Conditions nutrition can improve:

Improved overall health
More exciting tastier meals for fussy eaters
Nutrition can aid in controlling some medical conditions
Skin care, improves coat condition
Better weight management, obesity plans, safe weight gain plans
Peace of mind you are feeding your pet the best diet available to your lifestyle and budget.
Dental health, gums, breath
Energy and behaviour
Stool formation, less wind
Digestive health
Stronger immune system

Please note: You must always see your vet to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to any of the above mentioned conditions. We may request your veterinary history when necessary prior to consultation.